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A Blockchain enabled, Paperless Bill of Lading taking you to a new era of Global Trade.


A paperless vision

Our vision with “SCRIPLESSTM” is to fast forward the office of the future in the 21st century with the concept of “BLOCKCHAIN”. Applying Blockchain technology allows for a more open, transparent, decentralized ecosystem than the current outmoded paper-based system.

We can solve many challenges like fraud, hacking, slowness of the process and the main key to this puzzle is security.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an INNOVATION.
– Dean Kamen

Smart B/L

ScriplessTM Smart B/L powered by blockchain technology is a paperless, digital title of goods document (B/L) that is fast, safe, cost-effective and collaborative.

API Integrations

ScriplessTM can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems which allows the product to pull the data required in a coherent manner without hindering the current work processes.

Track and Trace

The property of immutability makes it simple to determine the provenance of information recorded in the ScriplessTM ledger. By checking the validity of the information recorded, one can completely nullify the issues of counterfeit and forging.

Transforming the Backbone Of

Global Trade

Even in our modern, speed-driven and globalized economy, 90 percent of everything still travels as it did almost 500 years ago by ship. That’s why the shipping industry remains the backbone of globalization.

With ScriplessTM, we are make it safe, fast and transparent to take your goods from one part of the world to another.

10.3 billion tons

World Seaborne trade in 2016

15% and 50%

Cost of the trade-related paperwork processing

$ 16.0 trillion

World merchandise exports value


Increase in Global Trade by reducing commerce barriers

One of the few industries that still uses world’s oldest methods for issuing proof of ownership. Paper.

Bill of Lading is the title deed paper document that represents the ownership of goods in the container, making this piece of paper the most important document in global logistics.

The mounting problems caused in relation to the Bills of Lading in global trade have been a matter of concern.

  • Costly
  • Time Consuming
  • Lost
  • Fraud & Theft
  • Labourious

ScriplessTM Solutions

ScriplessTM carries the vision of reforming one of the greatest issues faced in all industries worldwide, moving from the outdated paper-based system to a new age of paperless world using blockchain technology – a distributed, secured and global platform that fundamentally changes what we can do online, how we do it, and who can participate.

Our first step into this paperless world is re-shaping the global logistics industry which has been very slow in adapting digital transformation for its paper-based documents – one of the core issues being the transfer of transport documents such as the Bills of Lading.

ScriplessTM Smart B/L enables the seamless flow of creation, exchange and validation of authenticity of Bills of Lading documents.

The ScriplessTM Advantage

Single Source of Trusted Data

Highly Secured

Integration with Existing Systems

Faster Processing Time

Synchronized Data

Instant Transfer of Ownership

Secured Storage

Tracking and Tracebility

Product Roadmap

  • Beginning of a Revolution through Blockchain
  • ScriplessTM vision – Towards a Paperless World
  • Signed NDA and MoU with a Global Logistics Company
  • Setting up a joint R&D center for ScriplessTM
  • Participating in International Blockchain Conferences in Dubai, Vietnam and Australia.
  • Smart B/L Initiative
  • Extending to other stakeholders (bankers / insurers)
  • Launch of beta version of ScriplessTM product
  • Pilot run with Global Logistics Company
  • Release of ScriplessTM first POC and white paper
  • Release of ScriplessTM first POC and white paper
  • Launch of beta version of ScriplessTM product
  • Pilot run with global Logistics company
  • Extending to other stakeholders (bankers / insurers)
  • Beyond B/L – Integration with IOT for track and trace from farm-to-shelf
  • Research towards ScriplessTM across Industry Verticals
  • Expanding scriplessTM to other Industry verticals

ScriplessTM Whitepaper

Join us in the revolution to make the switch from paper based validation to a Paperless ecosystem through blockchain.

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